Nursery M. van den Oever BV to acquire Nursery Venplant in Veghel as of 1 January 2023.

It is with the greatest pride and pleasure that we announce that we have taken over Nursery Venplant from Albert Verbruggen in Veghel as of 1 January 2023.

We are convinced that healthy growth is necessary for the continuity of our company. Our current location in Son en Breugel unfortunately does not afford us with enough possibilities to realise this growth in the long term.

The availability of good starting material is of crucial importance in our profession. A substantial part of our starting material for cultivation in C12 was previously grown in the open field. These are mainly varieties that we are unable to purchase from our regular suppliers. We will grow this portion of the starting material in a C4 at our new site, which will be partly intended for our own use, and partly for direct sale.

The strategic investment in this 9-hectare, relatively young and modern nursery, which includes 7.5 hectares of container fields, a tunnel greenhouse, a cold store and other commercial buildings, will allow us to also substantially increase production in our main crops in C12 and C35.

The above is, in our opinion, of paramount importance in maintaining and strengthening our long-term relationship with our existing customers and serving new customers. This will be realised, on the one hand, by keeping our distinctive range up to standard by securing planting material, and on the other hand, by having sufficient production capacity to grow along with our existing as well as potential customers and further expanding our partnership. These steps will ensure the continuity of our business.

In addition to the above, we would like to further professionalise our organisation. This steady growth will afford further opportunities for the personal development of our employees, which will, in turn, allow our company to grow and prepare for the future.

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