Renovation of dispatch hall, phase 2 started.

Some time ago we started to renovate our dispatch hall. Amongst other things, three new loading bays were added, allowing us to load more efficiently and faster.  In addition, we have built an in-house office including  a photo studio.

The start of the next phase of the renovation/expansion is scheduled for June 2019. The floor will be replaced by a new,  poured-concrete floor and the warehouse will be 15 meters longer for more storage capacity and workspace. The walls will be re-built with windows installed. The hall will also be completely insulated and fitted with new energy-efficient lighting.  As a result, the working conditions in the hall will be considerably improved.

When this renovation is finished, a delivery line will be installed in the winter. This will allow us to prepare small and large orders even more efficiently and faster in a more pleasant and tidier environment.

This means M. van den Oever BV is ready for the future!